You Are Why I Do What I Do

I am thrilled that everyone who wears a piece of Black Kiku jewellery knows they are getting a unique piece of hand-crafted jewellery; one that will set them apart from the crowd!

Tired of boring jewellery – me too!

I began designing and making fine jewellery when I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for.  Instead of lifeless jewellery manufactured by a machine, I wanted the beauty and sensual feel found in designer jewellery that had been hand-crafted.

I have been making jewellery for over 15 years.  After receiving training in traditional goldsmithing techniques I started making gifts for family and friends and things just grew from there!

My design style is a mix of contemporary, classic and eclectic.  It incorporates clean lines, soft curves and geometric shapes.

All of my work is made by hand using time honoured fabrication methods; nothing is ever cast, manufactured or created by anyone else. Because each piece is handcrafted it may take a little longer to produce than mass produced items.

I enjoy the design phase most, so my all hand-crafted jewellery is either one of a kind or limited editions piece; even though some designs are replicated each piece will be slightly different so you will never find anyone else wearing the same piece.